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Established in 1988,
we have a proven track record of
providing first class guidance
helping our clients meet
all their staffing requirements.

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At Henley Nannies
we specialise in the recruitment
of high-quality household staff

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Helping to find your perfect
nanny, mothers help,
maternity nurse & night nanny,
housekeeper, domestic couple,
estate manager, private chef
to chauffeur.

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If you are reliable, with good experience and references,

a kind and nurturing nature and are looking for help in finding employment,

then please give us a call.


At Henley Nannies

We offer a personalised service, helping to find your perfect Nanny, Mothers Help, Maternity Nurse & Night Nanny, Housekeeper, Domestic Couple, Estate Manager, Private Chef to Chauffeur.

Call us now for expert advice and support on finding the right candidate for you.

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